Why a Skin Perfecting Primer & Mascara?

After you have done your skin care routine;

You do your routine daily -twice a day correct?? Skin care is so vital to beautiful skin.

After your morning routine, your skin is glowing however you may have a few flaws you might like to cover or some redness you would like to hide. You may want to run to the store or gym and not put on a full makeup routine. Well, the answer to this is our Smooth Operator -Skin Perfecting Primer.  When applying, dot all over your face then start popping or bumping lightly the product so the color corrector beads can pop and turn the color of your skin. This product goes from light to latte. It’s like magic.  All the flaws disappear or redness and it looks like you have put on foundation. So easy and Complexion Perfection! Viola!!  Smooth Operator one of Vie’s Hero Products for the Makeup Junkie or someone who likes to just run out the door.


Why Vie’s Nightlife Mascara

Once you do your eye shadow, eyeliner, and have full eye makeup on, you have just got to set it off by having those beautiful, long, fluttering lashes.

Apply downward on the top to make sure any excess eye shadow powder will disappear. Then start upward on the top. With our Nightlife Mascara-your lashes are being elongated with a fabulous formula that will not irritate your eyes, won’t streak and won’t break.  Be sure and use the Strip Away the Day Makeup Removing Gel to remove your mascara nightly. It will condition your eyelashes and removing makeup is just one of the many uses for this amazing product.

B-Energized Testimony

“The lady I work with bought just the B Energized Serum from my party. She just started using it on the 15th. On the 17th, she told me that she felt like she was putting orange juice on her face. Today, on the 20th not even one full week of use, she comes to me and says the discoloration that she had on the sides of her face were already starting to lighten up! She said her face feels great! I think you have a new fan.”

Where do you age first?

If you are under 30 you might
think this does not apply to you . However, the 30 age mark will catch up to you faster than you think.. So, prevention is always helpful for this targeted place on your body. Where do you think, you age first?

Have you been driving and look in the rearview mirror to check your makeup up and ALL of a SUDDEN there is this little line.. there it is!! Right around the eye area!! YOUR FIRST WRINKLE…called smile lines, crow’s feet or just plain wrinkles.

This is the most delicate skin tissue on your body…Did you know that the delicate skin around your eyes can be just 1/10th as thick as the skin on the rest of your face? It’s no surprise that it can look inflamed, grey or wrinkled or puffy.Because it is thinner, the skin around the eye area also doesn’t have as many sebum pores, which means it doesn’t produce as much oil and sweat.

That actually means it will show puffiness and get inflamed faster than the rest of your face. Have you ever gone out with a group of friends and had a little too much fun and you wake up and your eyes show it!!  It’s also true that just because there are less oil glands, you can still suffer from blemishes around your eye area because we are prone to touching our eyes a lot.  Women who wear makeup can transfer bacteria to the area and tired dry eyes can lead to redness and itching that inflames any acne already there.

Some Remedies:

Drink Lots of water and hydrate your skin.  Also, reach for a greateye treatment…  Our

LOL Eye Serum which means go ahead laugh out loud for Lack Of Lines because our serum includes two awesome ingredients…

Mica is reflective, so it makes the tiny wrinkles around the eyes look less noticeable.

Eyeseryl is specifically designed to help reduce lines and wrinkles around the eye area while improving the look of dark circles and hyper-pigmentation in the area and it proved successful in reducing under eye bags in 95% of testers when used regularly for 60 days.

Wear Sunglasses to protect you from the Rays of the Sun..

Don’t rub on the eye area..be very delicate…when you use your serum, stipple with your ring finger…the lightest touch on your hand.

Hope you have a VIEautiful day and yes go ahead and Laugh Out Loud !!


DIY Makeup Brush Holder

All you need for this is:
Mason Jar – can be purchased at most grocery stores and arts and crafts stores.
Chalk Paint – your choice of color
Jute or twine 
Light Sand Paper
Clean the mason jar first with soap and water (discard the lid) 
Using a cotton ball or lint free cloth wipe the outside of the mason jar with rubbing alcohol.
When jar is completely dry apply first coat of chalk paint to outside of the jar.  The paint is designed to go on thin – allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats, until desired coverage is achieved.
When desired look is achieved and the paint is COMPLETELY dry, use sandpaper to light “scuff up” the lettering and a few other areas to give it that vintage, distressed look.
Tie jute or twin around the rim (optional).
Put your favorite Fleur de Vie Makeup Brushes in the jar and ta-da, just like that you have a decorative, functional piece to sit on your vanity.
The jars can also be used to store cotton balls, qtips, sponges etc. (with our without the lids)

Why Skin Care and Why Fleur de Vie Beauty and Cosmetics?

Fleur de Vie is a line of skin care and glamour products created to help your skin achieve it highest level of health and performance.  We worked several years before opening our doors in researching and developing these revolutionary products that improve, repair and protect the precious barrier layer of your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. And in this country most women or men do not cover their face. Therefore, your skin is out there for the elements to attack it.

It is  imperative for you to Cleanse, Moisturize and Protect your skin daily. Twice a day.

Skin Care is a habit that you form just like any other.  You brush your teeth daily don’t you?

You use deodorant daily don’t you.. Or let’s hope you do….LOL

It takes 21 days to form a habit so starting today.. why don’t you at least pick up a great Cleanser..  Serum and Moisturizer. ..

We Suggest 1st Step–  Live Clean….

This is a gentle cleansing formula designed for all skin types. It has calming extracts to calm and purify even the most temperamental of skins.  Most importantly, this cleanser will not strip the skin or destroy the vital barrier layer of the skin. That is most important in maintaining healthy skin.

The 2nd step…B Energized Serum…..

Our HERO PRODUCT – B Energized Serum…this is like a B-12 shot for your face and gets the skin charged up to give the skin more energy and repairs the barrier layer.. This will regulate your skins hydration.  It will increase Brightness to your skin and the clarity in the skin..  It is PERFECT for all skin types, oily, dry mature, damaged and compromised skins.  It has been used on skin after post procedures to facilitate healing and regeneration. It contains all of the B Vitamins, B-1 thru B-12.  There is absolutely nothing like this serum out there. Go ahead Rev up your skin!

Here is a testimony from a Doctor in our catalog– “My wife had a laser treatment last week.. She applied B Energized Serum after the treatment. The redness was dramatically decreased by the following morning”.-Charles Horton MD.

The 3rd step…Moisturize

Moisturize twice a day….During the day you need full spectrum UVA and UVB protection with a natural non chemical spf.. Our Grant Me Shelter give you the SPF 17…it also supports and protects the barrier layer of the skin. We have you covered and using a moisturize will help your foundation from penetrating into your skin.

At night- Use Revive-  A powerful hydrating treatment , designed to nourish the skin with plant based ingredients. It provides, moisture, firming, and wrinkle reduction in a beautiful lightweight crème that will leave your skin looking hydrated and fresh.

Remember it only takes 21 days to form a good habit or break a bad habit…so please stop sleeping in your makeup and Strip Away the Day and use your skin Care… morning and evening. Your skin will thank you for it!! You will thank yourself when you look in the mirror and say WOW!! I look 10 years younger!!Have a VIEautiful Week,  Jody

Night Life Mascara

Fleur de Vie’s latest color introduction is truly amazing.  Our mascara targets lengthening ,thickening and buildable coverage. But what really sets it apart is the treatment benefits it provides.  It’s rich moisture properties aid in the health and resilience of the actual lash.  You will have long, lush lashes that are completely pliable.  There really should be a warning label though because you will be blinded by the megawatt lashes you see in the mirror.

Why Should I Wash My Face in the Morning?

The reason why it’s important to wash your face in the morning is because while you sleep at night, your skin is in repair mode and will secrete toxins and sebum which can prevent your daytime products from working most effectively. Also, while you sleep your skin is sloughing off dry dead skin.  When you wash your face in the morning, you’re removing toxins and sebum and the dead skin–all of which can leave your skin looking dull and aged if not removed.  You’re also removing your nighttime products so that your daytime products (particularly SPF moisturizer) can get into the skin better, since it will have a clean slate. Our products are formulated to help restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, so you don’t have to worry about stripping your skin of important barrier functions. And since our products are made with natural ingredients, there are no harsh chemicals to dry out your skin.

Think of it this way; you brush your teeth before you go to bed and you brush it in the morning too to remove the bacteria that formed over night.  Apply that same reasoning to your face.