Q Who should host a Vie Party?

A Fleur de Vie Beauty is for women of all ages, all skin types and all  budgets.   We pride ourselves on having products for a classic mature woman as well as the college coed and everyone in between!  So no matter who you are or where you live Fleur de Vie has something for you!


Q What should I expect from my Vie party?

A You and your friends will have a great time!  Vie parties are always casual, no pressure and very interactive.  When you host a Fleur de Vie girl’s night in, you will share your great new finds, beauty tips and fabulous ideas.  You’ll have a blast!


Q Is there a cost for hosting a Vie Party?

A No, we will connect you with one of our trained and friendly Independent Advisors, who comes to your home at no charge and offers beauty advice for your friends. In fact, our Hostesses enjoy a generous rewards program. We offer huge discounts on fabulous Vie Collections based on the sales at your Vie Party to thank you for sharing Fleur de Vie Beauty with your friends! See our rewards.


Q What  forms of payments are accepted at Vie parties?

A Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  (Advisors may choose to accept cash and personal checks)


Q Can a friend co-host a party with me?

A Sure! Co-hosting is a great way to get a larger group together to attend.  And, if you have a larger group, you and your co-host will have more rewards to share.


Q Can I have a Vie Party somewhere other than my house?

A Yes. While the home environment is the best, Advisors can also do Vie Parties in a conference room at your office, or another location.


Q Do guests take home beauty products from the Vie Party?   How long does it take to get the Fleur de Vie products?

A Usually no. Advisors bring samples for guests to try, but do not carry inventory. Guests give the Advisor an order to process directly with Fleur de Vie Beauty. Our cosmetics typically arrive within a week or less. For Vie Parties, we ship for a $5.95 flat rate via USPS priority mail.  We ship to the Hostess, who then passes the orders on to her guests.


Q What should I do about invitations?

A We recommend that you create a guest list of 25 – 35 friends and relatives,   Personally invite each one of them either by phone or face-to-face  and ask them to save the date for your Vie party.  You may also want to follow up with an email or e-invite, but we know that your personal invitation increases the joy for your friends and the attendance at your Vie Party.


Q How do I get connected with an Advisor?

A Our inquiry form will quickly connect with your closest, qualified Advisor. We will take your information, quickly email you with the right Advisor’s information and make sure you connect. You will then be able to talk by phone to arrange your Vie Party.


Q How far in advance should I plan my Vie Party?

A 3-14 days in advance. We find that people know what they are doing 3-4 days from now more so than they do 3-4 weeks from now. Plus, throwing a Vie Party is not like planning a wedding! It’s just so easy to put together with the help of our Advisors.


Q What food should I serve at my party?

A We suggest light appetizers and drinks. Nuts, cheese and crackers, or cookies are popular options. We encourage you not to go overboard with food. People are often so busy checking out the Vie Beauty products that they don’t eat much at the Vie Party.


Q How many guests do I need to have?

A We love Vie Parties big and small, and are grateful for every chance to introduce Fleur de Vie. Having said that, we find that when you have 8-10 guest, you and your guest will have the most fun and you’ll earn everything on your wish list for huge discounts.  We also know that typically, 30-50% of invited guests attend. You’ll need to invite 16 to 27 people to get 8-10 guests.  When you personally invite your guest and follow up by reminder calls, you’ll get the best attendance.


Q What should I serve?

A Keep refreshments super simple. You deserve a hassle-free event, not one spent in the kitchen.  Most guests don’t eat anyway! Consider simple coffee & cake or wine & cheese. No need for more. In fact, more can take away from the fun focus of the Vie Party!


Q Is my apartment too small?

A If you have a kitchen counter top or coffee table, you have all the space you need. We’re all about connecting with friends in a warm, personal environment, not about fancy locations.


Q What if my friends can’t make it?

A You’ll never find the perfect date where everyone can make it. We find that those who can’t make it often shop on- line, or if they are double booked that evening, simply swing by for 15-20 minutes!  Typically one half to one third of invited guests make the event


Q  I’m a little uncomfortable asking my friends to buy something in my home. What if they can’t afford it?

A  We agree – people should only buy things they love, which is why we make all guests feel welcome and give beauty advice in a no pressure way. If someone doesn’t find something for themselves that evening, we hope they’ll still tell a friend about Fleur de Vie because of the wonderful experience they had. We find that because we offer a range of price points, people on all different budgets typically do find something they love.  Don’t worry. When you invite people, friends will clearly know this is a shopping opportunity.  If they want to come to shop, wonderful:  to socialize, fabulous! If they don’t want to come, they’ll often just skip. No problem!