Share Fleur de Vie Beauty with your friends. We love Vie Parties, big and small.

Mix it Up!! 

Your Vie party can be held anywhere or anytime you please.  May we suggest:

  • Traditional:  The traditional Vie party is held in the evening during the week.  This is typically a very casual party with light snacks and beverages.  Ideas can range from finger food samplers like chips, dip, veggies and crackers to a hot dip and french bread.  Keep it light, keep it simple, keep it stress free and always fun.
  • Day Party:  Many people are home during the day and would love nothing more than a lite breakfast of muffins and coffee or a lite lunch of small sandwiches and fruit.  Sparkling water and iced tea are always a welcome addition. Always remember to keep it simple and keep it fun.
  • Stop & Shop:  The stop and shop idea is always well received.  It is a welcome reprieve during lunch at work or right after the 5 o’clock whistle blows.  A quick set up in an empty conference or break room is terrific!  A pretty bowl of apples and some cheese cubes will keep your shoppers focused on you and your fab products without the tummy rumbles
  • Theme Parties:   Some our favorite Vie Party themes are Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate (Everyone brings their favorite chocolate concoction for all to sample)  Fiesta! (Fun food, Margaritas, and great friends) Garden or Patio Party  (Have your party in your garden or on the patio/deck and ask your Guests to wear a garden hat or big floppy hat.)
  • Ready for Some Football???…Vie Half Time Show:  Move over men…the ladies like their football too!  Have a Vie half time party based on your favorite Pro or College Team.  Ask your guests to wear their team jerseys and shirts.  Theme your decorations and refreshments around the team you’re cheering for.  Keep refreshments simple.  May we suggest spicy cheese dip, hot wings and of course pizza served with your favorite drink.  Your Vie Advisor can give you a makeover with colors perfect for the big game!
  • Glamor Box Party:  It’s your party on the go!  We’ll provide you with a supply of Vie Storybooks and order forms that you can take with you as you go about your week.  You can show them to your co-workers, Mom’s at the ball field. your friends at Church, etc.  Don’t forget to ask them to book a Vie party so you can get the Vie Vouchers!
  • Co-Host:  Share the fun with a friend in her home, your snacks. Together, you can invite lots of people and have a super party and share the Hostess rewards!
  • Restaurants:  The easiest party of all!  NO cooking & cleaning, very casual.  Reserve a table at your rite eatery, order a few appetizers for  your guests and enjoy sharing the secret of Fleur de Vie Beauty.
  • Saturday Multiple Choice:  Maybe 11am for a simple brunch, or 3pm for an afternoon soiree or 7pm for a girl’s night in.  Just remember, keep it casual and keep it fun!
  • Open House: A great way to show off a new or re-decorated home, new furniture while providing a casual shopping experience for your friends with personal service.  Schedule the open house for a few hours when your friends and family can just swing by to see the awesome Fleur de Vie products.  A few plates of simple finger foods like cheese and crackers or chips and dips are all you need to serve. Simple and fun for everyone!casual shopping with personal service
  • Facebook Beauty: Share Fleur de Vie with your friends with an online party!