I ordered the B energized Serum and let myself run out of it And the wrinkles are coming back and it is crying for it…please send immediately…Jan – Memphis,Tennessee
My wrinkles are disappearing thank you Fleur de Vie for this amazing product…Judy
Fleur de Vie your foundation Neutral Moisture Tint makes my face look very youthful and stays on ALL day especially when I add a touch of Take Cover a Mineral Foundation on it with FDVies amazing foundation brush! Thank you!…Susie
I use to be a MAC mascara user but When I used Nightlife Mascara I threw it in the trash and said Hello there is a new girl in town!! My eyelashes doubled in length!!…Sommer – Baton Rouge
I have never been able to use mascaras because my eyes get irritated. With nightlife mascara I can wear it all day!! Thank you Jody…Vicki – Alexandria
my hands crack and bleed working with a lot with paper. Amazing Faith lotion has completely healed them! Thank you Vie…Randy
My skin has always had large pores and scars from acne and my skin has never looked more beautiful. I am so proud I love to show my friends my before and after…Debra – North Carolina
I had to let you know I was out eating and a lady came up to me and told me I had the prettiest eyes” I know it has to be my LOL and eye shadows and VIE mascara…Sharon – Texas
I was a faithful user of your brand you Sold Jody but I absolutely love the simple skin care and this B Energized Serum has totally fixed my dryness and dullness to my skin. I can’t get over how hydrated my skin feels ALL day!! Thank you for VIE…Jan
I am 65 Jody but my skin looks 39!! I LOVE this skin care!! Thank You…Judy Monroe
I have used all kinds of different brands never committed to one but I TRULY love EVERYTHING Fleur de Vie has !! Come look in my bathroom!! it’s is WONDERFUL!!…Nancy – Gulf Shores, Alabama
Ladies, I say this all the time,but here I go again….Fleur de Vie skin care and cosmetics is the finest line of products out there. The Pore Purity is without a doubt the most truly amazing product…will clear skin eruptions, pull out toxins from bug bites, ant bites, poison oak or poison ivy, and I have seen the results myself….please let your customers know about the wonders of this product !!!” Nancy-Gulf Shores
Everyone is asking me what I am doing different that my skin looks beautiful!! I added the NEW Pie In Your Face to my regimen and my skin is softer and my lines aren’t as noticable. This is a wonderful product, feels so amazing and smells so good I could eat it!!” Alberta 69 years young
I have heard so many good things about Fleur de Vie I quit going to the mall and am now using your products” Love Love Love them. Elaine from Bunkie
How many times may I use the PIE IN YOUR FACE? I love it so much I want to use it EVERYDAY!!! – Lisa
I am loving the products I have. I have to confess that I was prepared to be unimpressed at the make-up party at Sandy’s, and had I not been a model and actually sampled the make-up myself, I probably wouldn’t have bought a single item. However, I was so taken as the hours went on and my Fleur de Vie makeup did not fade or run (even in the horrible humidity!) that I was happy I had bought some things. Since the party I have added more to my collection and have not been disappointed in anything I’ve used.

I kept telling Sandy each day something new I had discovered: using Smooth Operator means I don’t have to use concealer to cover the under-eye circles or the redness around my nose. Using it as an eyelid primer keeps my shadow from creasing. The mascara and primer don’t smudge as hours go by, and there has been no flaking! The Strip Away the Day is a marvel–leaves my skin soft and moist. And the lip color! Oh, my goodness! No more chapped lips!

I’ve also noticed that my cheeks are more supple–I’ve noticed over the past several months that my skin was getting dry and starting to look like leather. That is being reversed thanks to the new skin care in JUST ONE WEEK!

I’ve been a faithful Mary Kay consumer since the 1980s, but you have a convert. Once I get back to New Mexico I will chat with some friends to see if there is any interest that might make it worthwhile to have Sandy come for some sessions.

I’m also going to encourage my husband to try some of the skin care products.

Thank you for this amazing line of skin care products and make-up!- Becky from New Mexico