THE VIE FOUNDATION was established to share our belief that life is about helping others and paying it forward. We have been blessed in so many ways, especially with healthy children and families. Many others are faced with critically ill children and financial hardships that create heavy burdens. We want to help lighten the load.

THE VIE MISSION is to provide support and relief to families in crisis. If we can ease the pain of one child or the burden on one family, it is a blessing.

THE VIE VISION- St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital provides lifesaving treatment to chronically ill children.  Our paths crossed with a child named Ava who was suffering from leukemia.  She touched our hearts and this was a sign to us that this was to be our destiny.  We would start by helping Ava and then as many more as we can. We are so grateful to Ava for opening our hearts and allowing us to help her and her family.  St Jude’s founder Danny Thomas said “no child should die in the dawn of life”. We at Fleur de Vie want to see his dream fulfilled.

PAYING IT FORWARD – Fleur de Vie is a family.  We help each other in so many ways.  We provide support, encouragement and empowerment to each other.  We want to share our strength. When you make a purchase from Fleur de Vie, know that we give a portion to help others through St. Jude’s.  The Vie foundation is helping critically ill children and their families and we will work as a family to help many. We believe in giving through the flower of life.  Pass it on.